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Mini vacuum machineHello! If you are considering a purchase of a vacuum sealer to preserve your food, you are in the right place. Welcome to the Vacuum Sealer Picker – a website established to help you do the best choice while buying a vacuum sealer, created for professionals and housekeepers seeking for methods how to preserve the food in order to keep its freshness and taste for long period of time. Every product we review is precisely tried and tested at an angle of durability, reliability, size, overall quality and more. We put a lot of effort to give you a hand while choosing the most reliable specialty kitchen appliance and spend your hard earned money wisely because we know how hard it can be.

Vacuum sealer reviews on this website contain detailed information on different features of the appliance and we also carry out “how to” articles and buyer guides so you can squeeze as much as it is possible from the products.


Why buy a packing machine?


Tupperware, aluminium foil and plastic bags are popular methods to storage food, however they don’t really work for long term food keeping – it will obviously go bad after a short period of time. This is where this beautiful packaging machine kicks in – with these machines you can preserve your snacks for much longer time and it won’t compromise its quality. In order to ensure that there is no any mildew or redundant particles, vacuum sealers will suck all the air and moisture out of the special plastic bag or canning jar where the meal is placed. Therefore, you are left up with hermetically packaged food so any external factors don’t have any influence on the quality and taste of the meal, with life nearly 5 times longer than if it was on a shelf. Thanks to that, you can save your money by buying food in bulk and store is safely, which is especially useful in commercial use of a vacuum sealer and you can save all your leftovers by just packing it. No more wasting food!

What’s more, storing the vacuum sealed perishables in a freezer will make them last for months because of low temperatures slowing down the enzymes actions. The other advantage of that solution is the packaged food in the freezer is not influenced by the freezer burn, which is caused by air getting to the surface of the food and drying it out (read more about in on wikipedia). You can cook larger amount of food at once and then store it for future meals.

This small kitchen appliance is however not only used to preserve food. There is variety of models that can be used for sealing envelopes, magazines, artefacts and many other items that need protection from dust and humidity. The important thing is your understanding of what you exactly need before making a purchase, that’s why it’s recommended for you to get familiar with the subject and read vacuum sealer consumer reports before making a purchase.


How to choose the best vacuum sealer for your requirements?


We can divide vacuum sealers into 2 categories – chamber vacuum sealers and external vacuum sealers.

Ary VacMaster PRO VP112 ReviewThe chamber type is often considered as a commercial vacuum sealer, because it’s mostly used by butchers, farmers and restaurant staff because of its sealing quality, and most importantly, the ability to package food in bulk. Also, the significant factor here is price – the cost of this kind of appliance starts at 500$ and reaches 2.500$. Unlike the external machines, the chamber ones allow you to maintain continuous packaging without pauses to cool down and they don’t have any problems with sealing liquids, which can be found useful in packing such kind of meals as soups or sauces. These industrial vacuum sealers most commonly come with wide range of additional features like timer, which tells you how long the sealing process will take, different vacuum levels and range of presets. These options will allow you to fully customize the process to perfectly fit your needs. It’s also not hard to use as it seems like – to seal a meal you just need to put the vacuum bag with food inside into the chamber, set adequate program and press “start”. The chamber type of sealer is also suitable for sous vide cooking which requires special boilable bags and some models are also equipped with nozzle that pumps the bag with nitrogen in order to ensure that the content of the bag has absolutely no contact with the outside of it. However, there are also drawbacks of this solution – one of them is price mentioned above. This is relatively large investment, that’s why it is recommended for small businesses. The other reason is its size – it’s mainly a countertop appliance and it probably won’t fit in a regular kitchen.


External Vacuum SealerOn the other hand, if you want to save your time and money doing fewer trips to the grocery shops and buying larger amount of meat at once keeping its freshness as long as it’s possible, then the external vacuum food sealer (sometimes also called suction style sealer) is right choice for you. Most models can easily fit into a regular house kitchen with their space saving design, they are very easy to use and are much cheaper than the chamber type – their price starts from as little as 30$ and some of them can be used to pack things other than food, similarly to chamber sealers. However, choosing the best vacuum packaging machine might be a tricky task – the cheap ones often have poor build quality, its plastic spares easily snap off and the vacuum pumps can be broken because of liquid suction. That’s why the major factor that should be considered while buying an external vacuum sealer is availability of replaceable spares and a warranty. Although, the best way to avoid such problems is to do a proper research before purchasing a sealing machine and choose the one with high quality build. A good external vacuum packer is an appliance that can serve for years and save you a lot of money by buying food in bulk and preserving the leftovers. Great example of such external type sealer is Vacupack Elite and Weston Pro 2300. Also we recommend you to read the Foodsaver reviews to familiarize yourself with that brand.



What to pay attention on while buying such an appliance?


Portability and build quality


Depending on your requirements, you may need a hand held portable sealing machine to take it on the vacation with you or it also can be the opposite – you wouldn’t mind the big size at all. In the first case, the portability most commonly goes with low performance and durability. In the second case although, the chamber vacuum sealer of the size of a small dishwasher may be hard to handle, but it will allow you to pack variety of food in bulk and you probably won’t have any problems with its functioning. In most cases it will also be able to seal liquids, dry and moisture food along with delicate meals without crushing it. There are also many external vacuum sealers that will compromise its size and efficiency ending up being medium sized durable appliances for every day domestic use. You should also seek for well-designed stainless steel build without plastic components to simply avoid it breaking. Read reviews of such vacuum packing machines here and here.

Quality of the heating bar and the vacuum strength


Another important thing to look for is the vacuum pressure which should be around 28hg in order to ensure solid air suction. Cheaper machines often don’t have sufficient strength and you end up with your food not sealed properly. Also, you should pay attention on how are you putting the bag into the sealer; a lot of people are complaining about some air left in the bag after the sealing when they simply aren’t putting the bag into the sealer properly, i.e. bending it around the bar and not letting the air flow. Moreover, many sealers come with poor quality heating bar followed by foam cover. Great example of good vacuum sealer that goes with great quality heating bar covered by heavy duty silicon frame is Ary VacMaster Pro VP112.

Front panel menu and extra features


Most of the vacuum sealers usually have an ability to put them on different working modes i.e. manual and automatic. This is essential since if you want to seal moisture food in any external type machine you need to be able to manually adjust the vacuum. What’s also worth looking at are extra settings like rapid marinate mode, adjustable vacuum strength followed by gauge showing the pressure and the LED indicators to inform you about the sealing progress. Many appliances of such kind also offer external hoses in order to vacuum seal canisters and jars.


Maintenance and warranty


The optimal warranty length is 3 years, however there are only few vacuum sealers on the market that offer that; in most cases it is a one year warranty. What is also important are maintenance costs – cheap machines often tend to be expensive in maintain since it’s necessary to change their spares once a while and they are not very flexible for vacuum bags, which means that you may end up spending too much money on the bags.

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