Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews


Chamber vacuum sealers are in most cases big and heavy duty machines that can pack food in bulk and have impressive vacuum efficiency – their biggest advantage is that they are capable of sealing even 50 bags per hours and the whole process is fully adjustable. Along with their great performance there also come comparatively higher costs of the machine itself which is often the biggest problem for most homes. However, there is usually no need to replace any spares and the bags come cheaper than for external sealers, so there are only minimal maintenance expenses. The size, price tag and efficiency are main reasons why this appliance is recommended to small businesses and busier home kitchens, where storing large amounts of food for the future use is necessary. Therefore, if you own small restaurant, butchery or maybe you are an avid fisherman, these food packing machines will be extremely useful for you.


Our top rated commercial vacuum sealers:



Chamber Vacuum SealerSizeWeightWarrantySeals liquids?Overall Rating
Ary VacMaster Pro VP112Ary VacMaster Pro VP112
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19.2 x 13 x 27.5 inches58.4 pounds1 yearYes5 out of 5
Ary VacMaster VP215Ary VacMaster VP215
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20 x 14 x 15 inches84 pounds1 yearYes4 out of 5
minipack mvs 45x reviewMinipack MVS 45x Review
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21.5 x 25.5 x 19.2 inches210 pounds1 yearYes4.5 out of 5
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14.1 x 15.1 inches (Vacuum Chamber)125 pounds90 daysYes4 out of 5




What to look at while choosing the right industrial vacuum sealer for you?


A. Size and weight. The bigger size not only means that it will take more of your valuable countertop space, but it will also have larger chamber. It’s greatly useful when you want to cook big meal such as roast for your family meeting, but you don’t have time for it right before. You can safely prepare it a week before the event and vacuum seal it as a whole – it will not only stay fresh during that period, but will also save its taste.
B. Ability to pack liquids. Not every chamber type machine will manage packaging liquids well, so if you know that you will need to seal soups, sauces or stews often, look for an appliance with this feature.
C. Additional features and front panel menu. Many of the commercial vacuum sealers have external hoses to seal other containers. Some of them are also suitable for sous vide cooking, however keep in mind that you will need different kind of bags for it, which are more expensive than the regular ones. What else you should look for is how customizable a machine is, i.e. how many work modes it supports. Is it only an automatic mode or there are some more possibilities? Is vacuum time adjustable? Does it show you how many seconds of the process remained? Ask yourself these question while picking an industrial type sealer, and if the answer for most of the questions is ‘yes’, then it’s a great sign.
D. Build quality and design. Most of the machines are stainless steel build and this is the best solution. Also pay attention to the width and quality of the heating bar inside the chamber and check if the design is space saving.

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