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How to choose right Foodsaver vacuum sealer?


FoodsaverFoodsaver is clearly the most the most recognizable brand in vacuum sealing industry. It has many years of experience in the market and offers variety of external vacuum sealers in reasonable price. Unfortunately, if you are looking for commercial grade vacuum sealer this brand won’t help you – they don’t produce chamber type of sealers.

While choosing the right Foodsaver sealer make sure to research the product you want to buy sufficiently. A lot of people complain about this brand’s some models durability – that’s because the truth is, there are models that are really bad and we recommend you to run away from them, however there are also excellent ones that are definitely worth buying. Don’t be tempted by low price – in most cases you would spend twice as much of the product cost on the maintenance if you bought a cheap one, and then you would be forced to buy a new one anyway due to the broken plastic parts. Be careful with that, because bad experience with these machines might discourage you from using any vacuum sealers. This would be a shame, because it’s an irreplaceable piece of kitchen appliance.



Vacuum SealerSizeWeightWarrantySeals liquids?Overall Rating
Foodsaver v3880 Review
Foodsaver v3880
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9.1 x 21 x 13.3 inches11.2 pounds1 yearNo5 out of 5
FoodSaver v4880 review
Foodsaver v4880
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22 x 10.5 x 9.5 inches11.2 pounds5 yearsYes5 out of 5
Foodsaver V2244
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5.9 x 10.6 x 17.7 inches1 pound (!)1 yearNo5 out of 5


The great advantage of Foodsaver vacuum sealers is that they are highly versatile and they come with rich starter kit. Great number of these machines offers special manual modes that will allow you to seal even most moist food and will prevent delicate food from crushing inside the bag under an influence of vacuum (PulseVac). The other useful option is rapid marinate mode that will shorten the food marinating process to minutes. Additional features such as external hose for sealing canisters are also very common among these packing machines. Using most of their products is also very simple – everything you have to do is insert the bag with the food into the sealer’s mouth and hit automatic “start” button.



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The other thing that you should pay attention to is vacuum bags. You can buy already pre-cut bags depending on the size you need, however some models offer bag roll cutters – there is a room behind the front cover to place the bag roll and cut it with the slider. The whole process is extra smooth and the best thing about this solution is that you can choose the size you want.

Foodsaver vacuum sealing system is great choice for domestic use. If picked right, it will surely make your life a lot easier and save you the money on the groceries. With all its features and great design it will meet every housekeeper’s requirements and will fit into every home kitchen. Moreover, a decent Foodsaver sealer model will serve you for years without a single problem.


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