Vacuum sealer only for food? Biggest mistake ever!


781vacbag_1People looking for a vacuum sealer that will suit their needs in food storage often don’t realize how useful such packing machine can be in the other aspects of life. You can vacuum seal basically every item you can imagine, and every item that get damaged over time. Check out some examples of the uses of a vacuum sealer and make your life easier with one!




Items made from metal and other similar material have one common characteristic – they get rusted and tarnished over time. Everyone who has ever came upon this problem knows what kind of pain is that – if you are not using some of your tools for a longer period of time, you have to get prepared for time consuming renovation in order to use them again. Rust appears because of metal contacting the oxygen, so to prevent that, a good idea is to put the tool in a vacuum sealed bag – in this way your item won’t have any contact with outside world, and therefore, the oxygen. It is generally most useful with such objects as silver cutlery, mechanical tools and parts and batteries.


Books and magazines


VacuumSealer1Have you ever found, especially as a child in your grandparent’s house, old books or newspapers? I bet you remember how they looked – yellow, torn and barely readable. While papers from beginning of the last century looking that way have their charm, if you want to prevent it happening with your books you might want to vacuum seal them. What’s more, it’s great way to preserve important documents you don’t use everyday, like birth certificate, insurance papers or your old school certificates. With paper having very little to no contact to oxygen, it will not go yellow and the ink won’t bleach out as quick as it normally would and additionally it will prevent any mold growing or dust settling.


Liquids and sanitary products


If you’re going to a trip, it can be a good idea to protect any fluids you might carry with you as liquid soap, wet wipes and female sanitation products. Getting your shampoo or perfume spilled in your bag doesn’t belong to one of the best feelings in the world. Also, if you are going camping or in more dirty places, you can vacuum seal dry clothes and other items that might be sensitive to water.


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